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Caramelized Sugar Ingredients

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Like what you see? Click over to the EFP online request form and get started on your next development project with plant-based caramelized ingredients.


Whether it is a Culinary Presentation, a Workshop or a Demo Day, we can customize each and every demonstration to your every need. Experience the simple benefits of using caramelized sugar ingredients as a key component in your flavor system to bring your flavor notes forward.

crafted from two simple elements, sucrose and water

EFP’s plant-based ingredients are all Non-Gmo with select products certified Fair Trade, Organic, and / or Non-Gmo Project verified

Quality Ingredients

Caramelized plant-based syrups and powders delivers pure, bright, natural notes. We’re just sucrose and water, plain and simple.

Consistent Results

Each and every time you use EFP’s caramelized ingredients you can expect consistency and standardization with both taste and visual color. We are the plant-based caramelized sugar experts, hands-down.


EFP stocks our most requested non-gmo plant-based syrups and powders domestically, so we have what you need when you need it. Just contact us to get the conversation started.