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Caramelized Sugar is the complete flavor development, sugar reduction solution for any food or beverage development project. All non-gmo, real, non-synthetic natural sugar syrups and powders, clean-label ingredients from the cane or beet sugar plant. Caramelized sugars are all plant-based and have been created the same way for well over 100 years! (YES, ONE-HUNDRED YEARS!).

The benefit of sugar reduction is at the tippy top of the list for caramelized sugar, but if you need more of reason to take a closer look at caramelized sugars, here’s the more… Low CIU, natural flavor developments, off-note masking properties eliminating negative aftertastes, incidental color contributions, all non-gmo, organic options, sodium reductions, vegan, gluten-free and there’s nothing synthetic or artificial, just sugar and water. Caramelized sugar goes into every food or beverage segment, including, baking, beverages, dressings, ice cream, plant-based, pet foods and treats, soups, sauces, snacks, confectionery, coffee, tea and the list could go on and on. So no matter what you’re currently developing or reformulating, caramelized sugar can be in there, reducing your sugar usage by 30% or more and of course delivering flavor modifications.

If you’re not using or trying caramelized sugars yet, you should really be asking yourself, what have you been waiting for? Reach out to any of our caramelized sugar experts for your very own caramelized sugar survival kit offering a wide array of syrups and powders. We’re looking forward to working with you to integrate caramelized sugar ingredients into your next flavor development project or reformulation endeavor.

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EFP’s Caramelized Syrups and Powders Are a Complement to Any Flavor System with Bright, Pure Notes.