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Calling all beverage lovers!

The new year is upon us and some things we will continue to love in 2024. For me, that is my love for coffee.

If you are either first thing in the morning coffee lover or how about an extra pick-me-up afternoon latte or just a delicious juice or that good old fashion hot or cold tea lover…. Enterprise Food Products is just what you need for your next beverage project! You just don’t know it yet. So let me do some explaining.

PURE, SIMPLE ingredients that have multiple benefits such as Enhancing Flavors, Masking Off Notes and Improving Visual Appeal, are just a few things our ingredients provide to any application. The benefits of incorporating Caramelized Sugar Ingredients into any application, will deliver unique and distinct flavor contributions to your innovative beverage and of course, food products.

Fortunately, for many flavorists and food scientists who are developing or refining beverage products, Enterprise Food Products, has been a secret weapon they use to reap the benefits of caramelized sugar syrup, caramelized sugar powder and several other specialty ingredients to make their project a success.

Enterprise Food Products has a long and distinguished reputation among industry insiders for meeting and exceeding client expectations. 

Beverages are just one of the verticals where EFP helps clients craft products that end users enjoy by the millions.  Here are some examples:

Your Product Caramelized Sugar/Specialty Product  Benefits
Tea 75/180-01, 75/260-01, 77/085-11 -Enhances and rounds out flavor
-Standardizes color
Coffee 75/760-02, 75/700K -Masks bitter notes
-Impacts incidental color
-Boosts Flavor
Cocoa Drinks 75/700K, 77/085-11, 75/760-02, FK40K -Enhances flavor mouthfeel
-Impacts incidental color
-Increases yield and consistency
Spirits 75/180-01, 75/760-01, 75/760-02 -Improves mouthfeel
-Enhances creaminess and flavor
-Impacts incidental color
Ciders/Beer 77/085-11 -Boosts flavor
-Impacts incidental color
Nutritional Beverages 75/760-01, 77/085-11 -Masks bitter notes
-Improves mouthfeel
-Boosts Flavor
Instant Dry Mixes 75/700K, FK40K -Improves mouthfeel and taste

Our Caramelized Sugar Experts will be able to give you more information like usage rates, answer any questions you may have, and send out samples to you, faster than you can say Caramelized Sugar!

Whatever your drink of choice may be, depending upon the day and time of course, let the flavor notes come forward with our ingredients! Call or email our team of caramelized sugar experts to receive samples for your next development project need.

Come taste the difference and see for yourself!