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Caramelized Sugar is an effective and essential ingredient for food and beverage innovations everyone needs to look at when innovating or reformulating. Flavor enhancements, sugar reductions, off-note masking properties, cost effectiveness and incidental color. Applied at low usage rates, caramelized sugars are real natural ingredients for flavor enhancements and clean label work.

Let’s look at some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to why one should innovate or reformulate with caramelized sugar.

Caramelize sugar survival kits, an essential for the flavor developer

Why Reformulate with Caramelized Sugar?

Caramelized sugars are clean, all Non-GMO natural ingredients. Highly cost effective and impact on other ingredients as a flavor modifier. You won’t find a more simple ingredient that delivers this much impact on favor and wider reach with food and beverage applications.

Is Caramelized Sugar a Sweetener?

Caramelized sugar is not a sweetener nor is it’s not applied as such. Caramelized sugar is real, natural sucrose applied at very low usage rates (.125%-1% avg). A sweetener such as table sugar is applied at a much higher level and is only used for sweetening. Caramelized sugar is low usage rates applications for flavor enhancements, including sweet notes and sodium profiles.

Can You Reduce Sugar or Sodium using Caramelized Sugar?

caramelized sugar for flavor innovations and reformulations

It’s becoming a well known fact that caramelized sugar can not only help with reducing sugar but sodium as well. Enhancement of flavor also bolsters the taste of sweetness and saltiness so you can use much less of a sweetener or sodium in an overall formulation.

Will Caramelized Sugar Mask Off-Notes?

Caramelized sugars are a natural and effective ingredient to remove unwanted off-notes. The caramelization of sugar enables you to use caramelized syrups and caramelized powders at low usage rates for maximum effectiveness in masking off-notes. Caramelized sugar rounds and brightens flavor systems which offsets the off-notes you may experiencing in high protein foods and beverages, plant-based, meatless, nutraceuticals, and much more.

The Many Benefits to Using Caramelized Sugar:

  • Real Natural Flavor Modifier
  • Highly Cost Effective / Low CIU
  • Sugar and Sodium Reductions
  • Adding Depth, Rounding of Flavor Systems
  • Off-Note Masking Properties
  • All Non-GMO
  • Incidental Color

So next time you are curious if you should innovate or reformulate with caramelized sugar, ask yourself this, could you use a low CIU ingredient that offers total versatility in flavor developments? Works in a wide range of applications. Reduces sugar and masks off-notes? Of course you can. So why haven’t you asked for you complementary sample kit? It’s just a click or phone call away.