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Caramelized Sugar, Just a Drop

caramelized sugar low usage rate natural ingredientCaramelized Sugar Syrups and Powders are plant-based natural ingredients for enhancing and developing flavor. Just a small amount of Caramelized Sugar will brighten flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, cherry, honey, etc. In addition, the versatility of Caramelized Sugar is vast in beverages, nutraceuticals and foods and plant-based delivering protein off-note masking properties.

As any flavorist and food scientist knows, masking agents are very costly so taking advantage of a real natural ingredient like caramelized sugars that also has the ability to offer masking of off-notes, at a very low CIU can be very attractive.

In addition to masking properties caramelized sugar ingredients are low usage rate flavor modifiers, cost savers, sugar reduction enablers and much more.

  • Natural, Real Sugar
  • All Non-GMO (Project Verified)
  • Sugar and Sodium Reductions
  • Flavor Modifiers / Enhancers
  • Clean Labeling
  • Off-Note Masking Properties
  • Plant-Based innovations
  • Color Enhancements

Want to learn more? Reach out for an in-person or remote tasting demo.