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Natural Flavor Enhancement and Sugar Reduction

caramelized sugar clean label


The Road to Flavor Enhancements using Caramelized Sugar

The craft of caramelizing sugar
Caramelized sugar ingredients are just sugar and water.

Caramelized Sugar, real natural ingredients applied at low usage rates for flavor enhancements, reducing sugar and more. Available in both syrup and powder forms with organic options. You’ll be hard pressed to find another natural ingredient that delivers more benefits to flavor than caramelized sugar. Contact EFP for real natural caramelized sugar flavor modifications.

The Many Benefits to using Caramelized Sugar

  • Plant-Based Ingredient
  • Sugar & Sodium Reductions
  • Off-Note Masking Properties
  • Rounding and Brightening Flavors
  • All Non-GMO
  • Low Usage Rates
  • Low CIU
  • Organic Options
  • Incidental Color
Caramelized Sugar Non-GMO Syrups and Powders

The Caramelization of Sugar, the Impact on Flavor

Caramelized sugar syrups and powders are natural ingredients, crafted from just sugar and water. The caramelization sugar has been performed the same way for well over one-hundred years. Sucrose is extracted from the plant, combined with water and finally heated until caramelization is complete. The caramelized sugar product is either left as a liquid or dried to a powder. In the end you have all Non-GMO ingredients used for flavor enhancements, clean label developments and more.

Natural Sugar Reduction using Caramelized Sugar

Since we know caramelized sugar is applied at low usage rates to achieve enhanced flavor profiles, the same can be done for sweet profiles as well. Using just a small amount of a caramelized sugar will enhance the taste of sweetness so you can use less total sugar. Caramelized sugar syrups and powders have successfully been used to reduce sugar in many different types of applications. In many cases, developers have reduced the use of table sugar by 30% or more using caramelized sugar.

The Caramelized Sugar Experts

Flavor enhancements, sugar reductions and more, caramelized sugar puts you on the road to real natural flavor benefits and cleaner labels. Contact EFP to consult with our staff of caramelized sugar experts to receive samples, schedule an in-person or virtual demo or consult with us on your next food or beverage developments project.

Caramelized sugar puts you where you want to be for natural flavor enhancements and clean label developments.