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Probiotics, nutrition powders, gummies, chewables and more.

Caramelized sugar offers Non-GMO caramelized ingredients deliver effective flavor modifications to the nutraceutical developments. Off-note masking properties, natural and clean label sugar reductions by 30% or more.

With a quick glance you can easily check off multiple boxes from the list below that benefits clean labeling, flavoring solutions and of course your bottom line: 

  • Natural Flavor Modifications
  • Sugar Reduction Potential
  • Highly Effective Masking Properties
  • Plant-Based
  • Low CIU (Cost Effective)
  • Incidental Color
  • Organic Options
  • Non-GMO Project Verified

Reduce Sugar with Caramelized Sugars

Our caramelized ingredients are real, natural sugar, free of synthetics. We’re just sugar and water that delivers all that flavor. So much so, caramelized sugars will elevate sweet notes to the point where you can reduce your overall sugar usage. The usage rates for caramelized sugars are very low, (.125% to 1% avg). With rates that low caramelized sugar can elevate a sweetness level to the point it makes sugar reduction using real natural caramelized sugar your reality.

Options Are Awesome!

There is a wide range of liquids or powders to choose from. Lightly caramelized to the other end of the spectrum with the bold and rich flavor notes. Each ingredient offers its own unique flavoring strength profile unto itself.

The Clean Label Factor

Caramelized ingredients are for flavoring, off-note masking and delivering a low cost in use. Did you know we also label as natural flavorNon-GMO and our ingredients offer the potential for sugar reduction. Caramelized ingredients are the total package to drive home all your clean label and flavoring innovations with nutraceuticals.

Zoom Away Baby

Call and schedule your Zoom demo meeting with our sales team to receive your complimentary survival ingredient kit. We will walk you through several tasting demos to discover why you should be taking advantage of the most versatile and innovative ingredient available to nutraceutical industry professionals like yourself today.