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Caramelized Sugar is an essential ingredient every flavorist needs when you’re reformulating or innovating new ideas. You can even throw a few drops into your coffee for some added richness and flavor enhancement.

Caramelize sugar survival kits, an essential for the flavor developer

Having talked to many flavor developers over the past several months, there’s never been a more true statement today when we say that flavor developers, chefs, food, beverage scientists alike are all busier than ever. Between having to be innovative new and fresh ideas or having to reformulate because some other ingredients have become next to impossible to secure due to supply chain issues, Let’s look at some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to using caramelized sugars.

Why Reformulate with Caramelized Sugar?

Caramelized sugars are clean, all non-gmo natural real ingredients (sugar and water). Caramelized sugars are highly cost effective and in the long run, will save money with their impact on other ingredients as a flavor modifier. You’re not going to find a more simple ingredient that delivers impact with favor developments like flavor modifications, sugar reductions, off-note masking properties, plant-based, and a secondary benefit like incidental color.

Is Caramelized Sugar a Sweetener?

No. Caramelized sugar is not a sweetener. Caramelized sugar is real, natural sugar but unlike regular sugar, caramelized sugar is applied at very low usage rates (.125%-1% avg) for flavor modifications.

Can You Reduce Sugar Usage with Caramelized Sugar?

It’s been proven that by using caramelized sugar for a project can elevate sweetness profiles in a formulation of a food, beverage, snack, etc. So with the sweet notes being elevated you can use less overall table sugar.

Will Caramelized Sugar Remove Off-Notes?

In short, Yes, caramelized sugars are a natural and effective ingredient to remove unwanted off-notes. A meatless developer reached out needing to negate an unwanted “cereal” off-note taste they we getting on the back-end in their plant-based meatless patty. EFP recommended using our 75/700K powder to be used to round out the flavor system as a masking ingredient to remove the off-note. After using the 75/700K the developer ended up finding out that the caramelized sugar powder not only removed the off-note but it also offered then a second benefit of acting like a binder in their 60% water plant-based formulation. Then lastly as a third (and unexpected) benefit, they found that the caramelized sugar that is a heavily caramelized powder was able to deliver so much visual color to their meatless patty they were able to remove caramel color the label.

That’s a commonplace story, where caramelized sugar delivers multiple and additional benefits beyond the original need the customer was expecting and there are many more benefits to using caramelized sugar beyond what we outlined here:

  • Real Natural Flavor Modifier
  • Highly Cost Effective / Low CIU
  • Sugar and Sodium Reductions
  • Added Depth, Rounding of Flavor Systems
  • Off-Note Masking Properties
  • All NON-GMO
  • incidental Color

So the next time you are curious if caramelized sugar is right for a new product innovation or reformulation, ask yourself after reading this FAQ, why haven’t you reached out for your complimentary caramelized sugar survival kit

Reach out via email or phone to find out how to get your Caramelized Sugar Survival Kit. Let us supply you with the one ingredient you can use in any project with multiple benefits.

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