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Cleaner Labels with Caramelized Sugar

Caramelized sugar is a natural and highly versatile plant-based ingredient available for all clean label developments. All natural Non-GMO products crafted from cane or beet sugar caramelized in water under heat to create a final product as either a syrup or a powder. All natural and nothing artificial, Caramelized Sugar is purely sugar and water with a main key benefit of flavor enhancement. Call or email our team of caramelized sugar experts to receive samples for your next development project.

EFP caramelized sugar products

Flavor Enhancements and Low Usage Rates

As a key component to any flavor system, Caramelized Sugar ingredients only need to be applied at low usage rates. A suggested starting usage rate is between .125% to .75% (depending on your application). Caramelized Sugar syrups and Caramelized Sugar powders enhance and round out flavor systems, mask undesired off-notes and brighten any flavor profile. As a result, EFP’s caramelized ingredients reduce costs through the enhancement of flavor profiles. Flavors such as fruits, nutmeats, cocoa, vanilla, coffee, honey, herbs, spices and many more. Substantial flavor enhancements are made possible through the caramelization of sugar.

All of EFP’s caramelized sugar products have been caramelized the same way for well over 100 years. The concept of utilizing Caramelized Sugar to enhance flavor may be new to you, but these clean label ingredients have been crafted the same way for generations. The key to understanding the effectiveness to flavors while using Caramelized Sugar lies within the long history of crafting caramelized sugar.

clean label caramelized sugar wheel
Clean Label Caramelized Sugar Flavor Enhancements

Reducing Sugar and Sodium Naturally

Reduce Sugar While Using Caramelized Sugar

By this point, you know Caramelized Sugar is first and foremost a natural, low usage rate flavor enhancer. In addition to modifying flavors, developers are successfully enhancing sweetness profiles as well. Enhancing sweetness using Caramelized Sugar can enable you to reduce usage of an artificial sweetener and / or table sugar. Caramelized Sugar has been used successfully to reduce sugar in a wide variety of applications such as baking, beverages, dairy, nutraceuticals, snacks and plant-based developments, just to name a few.

Clean Label Sodium Reduction

Now that you understand how and why Caramelized Sugar promotes sugar reduction, let’s transition to sodium. Caramelized Sugar also enhances salty notes and like sugar reduction, enables you to reduce the level of sodium in any formulation, i.e., dry seasoning blends, meat rubs, marinades, sauces, broths, dressings, and so much more.

Being a highly versatile ingredient, Caramelized Sugar delivers options and benefits for your clean label. Such as, all natural flavor enhancements, sugar and sodium reductions, off-note masking properties, cost effectiveness and the appeal of color. Contact our team of Caramelized Sugar Experts to request samples for your next development project.

caramelized sugar color enhancement
Caramelized Sugar Powders 75/700K, 75/300 and VPI-WS-100-SS

Color Enhancement

The key benefit to using caramelized sugar is and always will be flavor enhancement. Color enhancement is a strong and attractive secondary benefit to using Caramelized Sugar. The color attained when using Caramelized Sugar ingredients is a naturally occurring byproduct during the heating and caramelization of sucrose. This ancillary benefit effecting the visual appearance largely depends on the specific application, choice of Caramelized Sugar product and the applied usage rate in your development.

Plant-Based Caramelized Sugar

Natural Clean Caramelized Sugar
Caramelized Sugar, non-artificial
natural flavor modifier

When you’re starting a project that’s plant-based, it’s imperative to source the most natural and real ingredients possible. It may seem obvious as you read this, but not everyone thinks of sugar as a plant-based ingredient–well it is. Table sugar is a refined sugar that’s used as a sweetener vs. Caramelized Sugar which is derived from common sucrose used for flavor enhancement.

Natural and real caramelized sugar supports your clean label efforts with multiple and powerful flavoring benefits and off-note masking properties. More flavor, fewer off-notes and less sugar in any development. Caramelized sugar reads like a dream ingredient on your label, yet Caramelized Sugar syrups and powders are very real and readily available, receive your complementary samples here.

The Caramelized Sugar Summary

You won’t find a more versatile or clean plant-based product than Caramelized Sugar syrups and powders.

  • Real, Natural, Non-Artificial Ingredients
  • Natural Flavor Enhancements
  • Off-Note Masking Properties (all off-notes including plant-based)
  • Low Usage Rate and Low CIU
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • All Non-GMO
  • Syrup and Powder Organic Options Available
  • Sugar and Sodium Reduction Capabilities
  • Color Enhancement

Your Caramelized Sugar Samples Await

Fill out the EFP Caramelized Sugar sample request form and contact our staff of Caramelized Sugar Experts. We will consult with you on your clean label development projects. We look forward to offering guidance on appropriate usage rates, selection of the most appropriate Caramelized Syrup or Powder to use and much more.

Caramelized sugar is a natural and highly versatile ingredient available to achieve your clean label goals. Contact EFP today and let’s talk Caramelized Sugar for your latest flavor development project.