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Caramelized ingredients are for flavoring, off-note masking and delivering a low cost in use.

Did you know we also label as natural flavorNon-GMO and our ingredients offer the potential for sugar as well as sodium reduction? Caramelized ingredients are the total package to drive home all your Clean Label and Spice Blend Innovations.

Most recently, our ingredients brought many benefits to an organic smoked chicken project, using Caramelized Sugar Powder, 75-300, within the spice blend.

  • Rounded out the spice blend.
  • Salt reduction.
  • Added a nice brown incidental color to the chicken.
  • Low CIU and usage rates.

Enterprise Food Products Caramelized Sugar powders and syrups, are a great solution in meat, spice blends, marinades, and sauces for creating healthier, great-tasting meat.

Because of the masking properties within Dry Blends in particular, developers will see a real cost savings. You will be able to lower the usage rate of expensive flavorings and masking agents for off-notes by including caramelized sugars in your formulations.

Fun Fact…By using caramelized sugars, you can potentially reduce the amount of table sugar being used in a formulation. That’s ALL because caramelized sugar is a flavor enhancer and extender (NOT A SWEETENER)!

You have nothing to LOSE and everything to GAIN by using caramelized sugars.

It’s that ONE ingredient you need.

Taste the Difference.

Contact us today and request a sample for your next R&D spice blend project.