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Finding ingredients that are Ready and Available is the key to any project. All I have been hearing recently is “I feel like I been Ghosted by my Supplier.”

Have you been experiencing Supplier Ghosting?! Have your ingredient requests not been heard and fulfilled?

If you’re in the need of ready and available products, low-cost, low-CIU ingredients, then look no further! Let our sales team help you with your immediate and long-term needs today!

Caramelized Sugar is a plant-based ingredient with multi-functional properties to aid in any type of application.

Whether your project involves Sauces & Dressings, Confectionary, Beverages, Dairy or something else, the list of applications that can benefit from the use of caramelized sugar powder or caramelized sugar syrup are endless.

Are these benefits of using caramelized sugar products aligning with what you need for your food product line or project in development?

If your answers are Check, Check & Check then we’d like to talk to you asap! We have samples we can send you, online demonstrations that we can conduct and knowledgeable sales people who will never “ghost” you.

Enterprise Food’s wide range of caramelized sugar syrups and powders have been proven to help clients in the development of food products for many years. Our clients know that the combination of our excellent products, combined with the knowledge and expertise of our superior sales staff, is an unbeatable combination that will help them (you) every step of the way.

Reach out to our sales team and let us help you avoid the anxiety of supplier ghosting today!